Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Interviewing Dr. John Marburger

Roger Pielke posts a Transcript of Marburger Interview from a recent conference:
DR. PIELKE: This next question has one word at the top, and would probably be enough to get a response, but I'll read the question. The one word is "evolution," and it says "Why doesn't the White House play a more active role in articulating evolution as good science?"

DR. MARBURGER: Can you really see any White House doing that? Evolution is the cornerstone of modern biology. Period. What else can you say?
We'll, the Kansas Board of Education seems to think there's quite a bit to be said. Maybe you (dear reader) should contact Dr. Marburger, advisor to the President and director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and ask him to explain things to his confreres at the Board of Education.

And contact the Board, reminding them that the President's science advisor thinks that "Evolution is the cornerstone of modern biology. Period."