Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Moore Over the Hump Day

Congressman Moore has hit the ground running after his re-election, working hard as a major player and bringing cash back to the district and Kansas values to Congress. Tomorrow is the last day of the first quarter of fundraising, so drop a couple dollars on him, and kick in two cents to show I sent you.

Here's a story from Compromise on Social Security Bill Is Proving Elusive for Bush, demonstrating that Mr. Moore is one of the major deal-makers in the Social Security debate. A force to be reckoned with.

Last Thursday, he visited the Kiwanis Club, discussed Social Security, and reminded everyone to have a living will to avoid confusion about their end-of-life decisions.

He's out here and in there, helping us out. Let's help him a little. Money this early is like yeast, it helps the dough rise. When you give money (at Dennis Moore's secure site) be sure to add $.02 so they know I sent you, and I get credit for being a big shot.