Saturday, March 26, 2005

A question

KRT Wire | 03/25/2005 | Schindlers' lawyers claim Schiavo attempted to speak:
The parents' lawyers also offered a new motion in state court, telling a circuit judge in Clearwater, Fla., that three witnesses - including one of the lawyers - heard the severely brain-damaged woman attempt to say ``I want to live'' on the day her feeding tube was removed.

In response to a question from lawyer Barbara Weller and ``in the presence of Suzanne Vitadamo Schiavo's sister and Suzanne's aunt, Mrs. Schiavo attempted to verbalize the sentence,'' the motion said. ``She managed to articulate the first two vowel syllables, first articulating `AHHHHH' and then virtually screaming `WAAAAAAA.' She became very agitated but could not complete the vocalization attempted.''
How do they know that she wasn't trying to say "I want to die"? Or "I want my husband"? Or "I want to be left alone"? Or "I was dreaming"? Or "Ah, what beauty"? Or that random nerve firings didn't cause her to make random noises?

Given the state of her brain (Warning, these CAT scans may be disturbing), these are important questions. I'm not prejudging the answer, and I think that, if these affidavits are true, the questions deserve open discussion.