Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sierra Club endorsements

Sierra Club 2005 Local Endorsements:

Below, by city, are our endorsements and your local contacts:
Kansas City, Kansas  (contact Tom Thompson - (913) 236-9161)
Joe Reardon - Mayor/CEO Wyandotte County, Kansas City, Kansas
Lawrence  (contact Mike Campbell - (785) 542-3885)
Tom Bracciano - Lawrence City Commission
Jim Carpenter - Lawrence City Commission
David Schauner - Lawrence City Commission
Overland Park  (contact Tom Thompson - (913) 236-9161)
Neil S. Sader - Mayor of Overland Park
Donna M. Owens - Overland Park Ward 3
Wichita  (contact Bill Cather - (316) 522-4741)
Sharon Fearey - District 6

These aren't TfK endorsements, but TfK is likely to follow them. TfK has endorsed in several school races, but not the council races.

School Board endorsements for Wichita, Blue Valley (and here), Shawnee/Lenexa, and Olathe. Also, oppose the gay marriage amendment. We can win that fight.

And no matter what, vote by April 5. You can vote early any time before then.