Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Speaking of sick jokes

I try to be considerate. I warn people that CAT scans of Mrs. Schiavo's brain might be disturbing. I've stopped cursing here.

A few days ago I drew a bit too gruesome a comparison between a spittoon and the authoritarian right (sorry Mom!). That was crude, high schoolish and unnecessary. (In my defense, I heard the joke in High School.) I apologized profusely, and still do.

However, this is a sicker joke than I could ever conceive. I'm hesitant to link to the site called "Terri Schiavo's Blog: nnnngnnggh." I'll just let the address sit here, without a hotlink. If you really want to see it, copy and paste. If you think Helen Keller jokes are inappropriate, leave it be.


For the rest of us, some cute bunnies.