Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tiptoe through the octopi

Octopi tiptoe away from danger on two legs while using the others as camouflage. Let me know if the video doesn't come through.

© Sea Studios Foundation, Rights Protected. Not for Download.

Update: A commenter notes that the paper describes the movement as "a rolling gait" rather than tiptoe (which makes sense, no toes). Also, the paper begins with a quote from Steinbeck.

As described in Steinbeck's Cannery Row, "the creeping murderer, the octopus... pretending now to be a bit of weed, now a rock... runs lightly on the tips of its arms."

Pharyngula will pass on the details.

Double Update: I've changed the video to a version watermarked by the Sea Studios Foundation. They made the video, and released it for public consumption out of the good of their hearts. They also make money off of their material, so they ask that you don't download the video. You can contact Elizabeth Winter to work out a licensing agreement if you want to use it.

Seriously, these folks have great photos of neat animals, they're a non-profit sellng to schools, so kids can better appreciate the diversity of life. Don't rip them off. If you want to use this for exhibits, for print, or for other uses, pay them some cash.

I'm especially glad to say that the person who contacted me was very polite, and sent the watermarked version along with the request. This is a class act.

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