Thursday, March 10, 2005

To laugh

Wichita Eagle | 03/10/2005 | MORE READER VIEWS: ON EVOLUTION, KLINE, GAYS:
More indoctrination

Isn't it the duty of schools to teach critical thinking? Why not teach all views of origins and their problems? Let the students decide what they want to believe. In my view, truth is like cream: It eventually rises to the top. To say one view is true is deceptive. No one saw it or can duplicate it, which is necessary for the scientific method.

Since Christians, mainly Sir Francis Bacon, gave us this method, religion is already in the biology classroom. It seems as if evolutionists are afraid to test all views.

Picking one view is indoctrination and censorship. Also, it violates the First Amendment, giving freedom of expression, speech and the press.

With such bigotry and anti-academic freedom, I wonder if schools deserve more money.

(My emphasis.) Since Middle Easterners gave us the Bible, we must all be Arab. Rats gave us the plague, so we must all be rodents. Men give eggs sperm, so all babies (even girls) have sperm in them.

This is a fun game. Find your favorite example.