Sunday, March 20, 2005

Wichita School Board positions

The Wichita Eagle rounds up local school board candidates' positions on teaching evolution.

To summarize:

In District 1, Shotina Pickens-Tipton doesn't know enough about the central educational issue of the age to decide, but she is up against an authoritarian. Shotina is the lesser of two evils.

District 2 has an educator versus a tax adviser. The educator is pro-science, the tax adviser hasn't informed himself about the issues. Pick Connie Dietz, the professional.

District 5 has an authoritarian against a person who is open to all options and doesn't want to rock the boat. Nothing thrilling, but pick Lanora Nolan.

District 6 is almost a coin toss. Both candidates seem to know what they're about, but on this issue, I like Guy MacDonald. If Lynn Rogers appeals to you for other reasons, I think he'd be OK.