Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Big Media Kline

WIBW | Kline In GQ Magazine:
Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline will be featured in an upcoming article in GQ magazine. GQ writer, Andrew Corsello, accompanied Kline as he spoke at the Kiwanas Club yesterday.

Corsello joked that while you won't see Kline gracing the fashion pages, he'll be in an article discussing abortion in Kansas. "The abortion issue is played out as dramatically in Kansas as it is anywhere in the country. You've got Mr. Kline doing what he's doing, and a clinic in Wichita that does more late term-abortions then almost anywhere in the country," says Corsello.
I believe the L.A. Times called Kline "handsome." Now he's oiling up for his centerfold shot. He's gearing up for something, I'm just not sure what. GQ doesn't come to Kansas to write about abortion without Kline's office working at it.

What's the story? Yes, as a commenter noted, he's going to be running interference for Sam Brownback's campaign, but that can't be all that's at work. I'm not seeing the whole playing field.