Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blue Valley School Board

Kansas City Star | 04/02/2005 | School candidates discuss their views:
While Morasch favors including Intelligent Design as well as evolution in science classes, Matson said she didn't favor adding Intelligent Design to school curriculum.

“Our current science curriculum is demanding, rigorous and appropriate,” she said.

Klika is opposed to adding Intelligent Design and Ahner supports the standards decided on by the state board of education. French is not opposed to including Intelligent Design but isn't sure whether he would favor including it, while Wagner said he would only favor adding Intelligent Design to the curriculum if the theory was proven to meet science standards.

“Intelligent Design is currently substandard science, and science needs to be kept to the correct standard,” Wagner said.
I'm not clear on the process in Blue Valley. This panel is a subset of an earlier meeting. I endorsed Klika, didn't see anything about Matson or Morasch, and couldn't decide whether I liked French or Wagner. Wagner's statement here is much more satisfactory.

So, Blue Valley voters should pick Matson, Klika, and Wagner.

I've made some other endorsements (also here).

In Lawrence, the Progressive Alliance is encouraging people to vote only for Schauner and Carpenter, letting third seat fall where it may. The Sierra Club likes Bracciano, so if you can't bring yourself to leave a blank on the ballot, go that way.

And oppose the marriage amendment, it sucks. If you want to volunteer to help, get in touch with Kevin Hager, or Kansans for Fairness.