Friday, April 01, 2005


Security Council Refers Sudan Crimes to ICC (
After weeks of often bitter negotiations, the U.N. Security Council approved a resolution to refer Sudanese war crimes suspects to the International Criminal Court, agreeing to major concessions demanded by United States.

But Sudanese hard-liners vowed Friday in Khartoum to defy the council resolution, saying it was unfair for Sudanese suspects to face The Hague tribunal when Americans are exempt -- one of the measure's provisions. …

The resolution marks the first time the council has referred a case to the court, a decision its supporters say will be a step toward legitimizing the body. Even so, there was widespread displeasure with language that the United States won, with diplomats saying it would undermine the body.

The concessions included guarantees that citizens of countries not party to the ICC working in Sudan would not be handed over to either the ICC or any other nation's courts if they commit crimes in Sudan.
Is there any suggestion that US nationals are implicated in the genocide in Darfur? Just wondering why this language was needed?

Obviously it would be better if the US just agreed to the ICC jurisdiction outright, but this is a big step. Our little Georgie is growing up. Looks like the UN and the ICC are too. 10,000 UN peacekeepers will be sent to enforce the ceasefire between North and South, and I'd be surprised if some of them don't help nab a few genocidal killers.