Monday, April 04, 2005

Dumb things people say

A simple rule of thumb: when the stalkers at Fire Dennis Moore say something, they probably have it backwards.

Consider their Tips for tomorrow!:
Second, support the marriage amendment. While good people can disagree on this issue, we feel that this amendment is a good insurance policy against Sebelius’ army of liberal judges. Also, we’re getting tired of hearing Falwell wanna-be Rev. Jerry Johnston rant and rave about gay marriage. We encourage our readers to vote for this amendment so Johnson County’s most publicity starved preacher will focus on more important things such as paying his own property taxes on time or not putting on too much makeup.
So, the point is that the marriage amendment may be disagreeable, but it'll stick it to the Democrats and make the Christian authoritarians shut up. Because gay marriage is apparently the only issue Johnston cares about, and he's been calling up FDM and bitching about it. So write discrimination into our constitution, or FDM will never get a good night's rest.

What are the odds? How about sticking with the existing state and federal laws, and dealing with problems as they arise? How about growing up, and not calling everyone to the right of Mussolini "liberal"? How about respecting judges who do their job?