Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Election results

Will update as time goes by.

No results yet from the Journal World. I've got my eye on Channel Six news, but if you have a tip, hit me with a comment or an email. I can't find a good site for all the races in NE Kansas, let alone statewide.

11/210 precincts have the marriage amendment winning handily.

8:46 pm: Schauner, Carpenter, Amyx are the leaders in the Lawrence City Commission race. The amendment is still winning.

9:03: Marriage amendment almost sure to pass. It's losing 30-70 in Douglas County, though. Schauner still leads the pack, despite (or because of?) the smear campaign against him.

I don't know what the USD numbers are for school board races that I care about.

Lawrence school bonds likely to pass.

9:15: I endorsed
  • Matson
  • Klika
  • Wagner
  • Poland (sort of)
  • Ashley
  • Brooks
  • Pickens-Tipton
  • Dietz
  • Nolan
  • MacDonald (or Roth)
  • Neighbor
Any tips?

9:42: The Wichita Eagle says Nolan and Dietz won, MacDonald and Pickens-Tipton lost, giving TfK 3/4 (since Roth/MacDonald was a toss up).

Johnson County has Matson, Klika, and French winning. Also Neighbor, Poland and Ashley, but not Brooks. Churchman (who beat Brooks) said "Evolution has holes in it," so that sucks.

The Lawrence City Commission race is tightening up. Hack and Amyx are now leading, Schauner, Bracciano and Carpenter are almost tied in 3rd.

The amendment is still winning.