Sunday, April 17, 2005

General, I salute you

General J. C. Christian, patriot, suggests that Gabriel wields a wicked knee:
Perhaps we can use Justice Sunday to erect a prayer shield against the judges. We could pray for the holy spirit to intervene anytime a judge is about to deliver an ungodly opinion. Picture this: an angel of God, dispatched by our prayers, kicks a judge in the nuts every time he reaches for a pen to sign a decision requiring that homosexuals be treated like human beings. Do you think that judge will ever actually sign it? I don't think so.

Some might say that prayer can't be used to instruct angels to kick judges in the nuts. Such people simply lack faith. If prayer can be used to cause the invasion of the Soviet Union, it can be used to bring about a little miraculous nut slapping.
It has long been believed that only satire can deal with the Bush administration, and the modern Republican party, on the appropriate level.

For instance, Fafblog, the world's only source of Fafblog, is worried about judges run amok!:

"Kneel before Greer!" says Florida circuit judge George Greer. I am forced to kneel on accounta Congress refuses to set limitations on his kneel-forcin powers.
"Oh you won't get away with this judges," says me. "Tom Delay will stop you an save the day!"
"Who is this Tom Delay?" says Judge Greer.
"Oh you'll find out an when you do!" says me.
"Come to me, Tom Delay!" says Judge Greer. "I defy you! Come and kneel before Greer! GREER!"

Oh, where is Tom Delay! Why isn't he savin us! Tom Delay! Can you hear me? Where are you! Where are you!