Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Earth Day

Think Progress points out that Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA) called the hydrogen subsidies in the Bush energy plan "Bullshit."

Now, Pombo is not a TfK favorite. His attacks on, and attempts to destroy, the Endangered Species Act combined with the borderline corruption of his family's kickbacks is enough to make anyone question him. He is entirely correct that the hydrogen subsidies are too little, too late.

Hydrogen is a good way to store energy and to transport it. That's fine. We need real solutions now. We need to reduce energy use. We need to get more power production from renewable sources. Even nuclear power could work if storage could be securely managed.

Better public transit, more efficient cars, appliances, and trucks are solutions that we can achieve today. Raise the CAFE standards. Much of the advantage of the Prius or the Insight comes from better efficiency, not from being a hybrid. So making cars much more efficient wouldn't be that hard. Making SUVs more efficient wouldn't be that hard.

Drilling in ANWR, or anywhere else is just a way to buy time. It isn't a solution. That's why the energy plan is bullshit.

That's not why Pombo thinks it's BS. He thinks it's BS because it does anything. Maybe he thinks the government has no place in these matters. Maybe he thinks we should just keep drilling on public lands. Either way, it's BS.