Thursday, April 07, 2005

How to beat creationists

Dr. Myers at Pharyngula has good cause to love his students!:
The best part of the evening, though, was when [creationism apologist Paul] Nelson opened up the floor to questions. He was kept hopping for the next hour and a half; a few of us faculty spoke up, but mainly it was our students who hammered him with awkward questions. You know, simple stuff like asking him for evidence for ID. A few mentioned the negative nature of his argument, and reminded him that "having open questions is not a shortcoming". I was impressed and proud, although I can't take credit for it: we don't have any classes where we specifically coach our students in critiquing creationists, although they do get a grounding in what to expect of a good scientific theory. Nelson kept up a cheerful front, but I don't think the Q&A was going in exactly the direction he expected.

Maybe we can get the creationist witnesses to take some questions from the public after the Board's (almost surely sycophantic) questioning. I think there will be some fun to be had.