Monday, April 25, 2005

People who get it

Liberal Online - Southwest Daily Times, News from Liberal and Seward County, Kansas:
Some say that evolution (natural selection and its various attributes) does not include God and therefore must be anti-God. Of course, scientific evolution does not include God ­ it cannot. Evolution is a branch of science and God is beyond the reach and measurements of science. Science is man's methods of measuring what is created (the physical world) and cannot measure the creator who is not created. God is beyond measurement because all man's means of measurement are part of the physical world. To measure God, man would also have to be God.

Sounds like the kids in Liberal are really missing out on a great teacher now that Vernon Gilliland is retired from teaching biology. He pretty thoroughly separates the religious issues, and the statement above is about as clear an explanation of why not talking about God doesn't mean being anti-God.