Monday, April 11, 2005


The webmaster of Atwood Kansas decided to respond to the marriage amendment. This is my favorite excerpt, but choose your own:
I hear a lot of stereotypical things said about Kansas when people find out where I am from, and every time I stick up for my "home" because I knew that the people making those remarks didn't really know anything about Kansas. They had no idea that Kansas is not “so flat that when your dog runs away you can see him for 3 days”, they certainly did not know what it is like to experience sweet smell of alfalfa in the summer or what it’s like to run into the middle of a dust before it disappears. The majority think of Kansans as Redneck farmers who are racist, bigoted, un-educated, and "slow". I would tell them otherwise.

However, the Citizens of Atwood certainly lived up to a few of those stereotypes this past week! Way to go!

I've never kept it a secret that I'm gay, so it makes me wonder if Atwood would have accepted my gift that made Atwood the 8th city in Kansas to have a world class website and the 5th newspaper in the state to have a website, knowing that the person who made it was gay? Or would they just let the town wither and die to make spite themselves and feel holy?

I did not have a choice to be gay. How do I know it was not a choice for me? Simple, because I knew by the time I was 5.
This is the inhumanity of the amendment. It serves no legislative purpose, since statutes already define marriage as between a man and a woman. It's only purpose was to demonize gays. Gays like this selfless citizen who tried to save his hometown from the oblivion visited on so many small, Kansas towns.

And they, like all of Kansas outside of Lawrence, gave him the finger. He's lucky to be able to give it back.

Among the misconceptions he addresses:

I do not sleep with every guy I meet. I’ve have a partner of 13 years. (how many people my age in Atwood can say that they've been with the same person for 13 years?) Sure they are some that do, but the same can be said for Heterosexuals. Some Women in Atwood have had more last names than Jennifer Lopez and Alexis on Dynasty combined.
How's that for Defense of Marriage, punks?

And he finishes:
Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction, the ramifications and cost of this vote for the city of Atwood are:

$150,000 current value of a donation that was to made from my estate to the 2nd Century fund at the time of my death, which at the time of fruition could have been well over $500,000.
Loss of your world class website right before your national debut on News Channels around the country.
The worst one of all, your reputation as a place where people care.

Going forward I sincerely hope that the Citizens of Atwood will research issues they know nothing about and realize that if they just think about things they won’t have to rely on those who are trying to oppress others solely for the reason that they are different. For the first time, Kansas now has a Constitution that denies certain rights to a certain group of people, which to me sounds like a giant step backwards reminiscent of racism.

I am sad to say that I will no longer consider Atwood my home. The next time someone makes a joke about Kansans being Rednecks, Hypocrites, etc. I will not defend it. Instead I’ll say, “you’re right”.
It's just sad. This is a guy who clearly loves Kansas and his town, and feels like his love for his home was rejected.

Update 4/12/05: The archive of the site is at the author's own website.