Wednesday, April 13, 2005

School finance

Ralliers belittle schools plan 04/13/05:
The rally was attended by about 75 parents, students, and teachers and was packed full of theatrics and heated rhetoric as Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and others blasted a $125 million school finance plan authored by Republicans in the Legislature.

The bill, which will become law Saturday, was the Legislature's response to a Kansas Supreme Court ruling demanding more funds for schools.

Tuesday marked the deadline the high court gave state lawmakers to address problems in the state's school funding system. The court told the Legislature to add money to schools and distribute it more fairly.

It isn't clear when the court will act on the Legislature's response.

But critics noted the plan -- in an effort not to raise taxes -- draws down the state's ending balances and would put the state in the red within three years.

"It's like paying for your mortgage with your credit card. It doesn't really get you far down the line," Sebelius said. "We need the Legislature to step up to the plate and do their jobs."

The solution, according to rally organizers, is a tax increase.

"Can we afford not to? It's the future of our state," said Kathy Cook, executive director of Kansas Families United for Public Education.
How often can you get 75 people together to rally for a tax increase? Nice work, guys. TfK couldn't make it, but I believe at least one of the ralliers originated at TfK. Good work, everyone.