Monday, April 25, 2005

The top lawyer in Kansas?

Kline cites fictitious case as fact in speech on tort reform | Kansas Democratic Party:
On Thursday April 21, 2005 the Hutchinson Daily News reported that Phill Kline spoke to the Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce about his belief in the need for tort reform. To support his case, the Attorney General told the story of a ridiculous lawsuit. The only problem is that the story is not true.

The Hutchinson News reported that “To back his views, Kline told chamber members the story of how a couple of guys who were injured while using a lawn mower to trim a hedge won a settlement from the lawn mower manufacturer. However, George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley calls the lawsuit story fictitious.”

Professor Turley debunked that claim in a column in the January 30, 2005, edition of USA Today, in which he reported that the story had been traced to an insurance company ad campaign that company officials admit had no basis in reality.

TfK is not Philll Kline's greatest friend, but this is stunning. With all the power of the Kansas Attorney General's office, Phillll Kline was unable to find a real instance of a frivolous lawsuit, so he perpetuate an urban legend! If it weren't so dumb, I'd call it chutzpah.

This is one wingnut who isn't tightened down all the way.