Monday, May 30, 2005

Boston Globe endorses IDC

But only for Kansas:
A SELF-INTERESTED New Englander might hope that the Kansas Board of Education comes out decisively against teaching evolution. That would put at least one state at a disadvantage as it competes for biotech business. But the anti-evolution movement, advocating the pseudo-scientific notion called ''intelligent design," is making inroads as far east as Pennsylvania. Only if the concept is rejected will Americans show they are committed to the growth of scientific knowledge.

You know what else puts us at a disadvantage? The funding for the Biosciences Initiative cannot be spent on embryonic stem cell research or any cloning technique. Massachusetts and California both have funds available for such work, New Jersey has some sort of program in the works, and South Korea produced a cloned embryo.

This is the cutting edge of biotechnology, and Kansas specifically excluded it from the plan that is to put the state at the forefront of this boom.

Say what you will about the technology, that's a dumb way to do business. If Kansas doesn't do the work, it doesn't keep people from doing the work, it just means they'll look elsewhere as companies expand and move their research facilities.

As the Globe says:

Those who favor intelligent design ought to be swept from office by an informed electorate.
And not just from the school board. The challenger to our moderate governor will probably be anti-science, and there are state legislators who have been too kind to the anti-science forces.

More as the candidates for next year emerge.