Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hands on science

How can we do things like this in biology? Yeah, nature walks are good, but what else? What can we do for evolution? Hands on, exciting stuff that goes beyond story-telling?

What are fun behavior projects for kids? What about adults? Maybe we should find some fun "evolution around you" activities to try with the Board of Ed? Or bad biology teachers.

I have various reasons for this question. There's some talk among some grad students of putting together some educational programs for schoolkids. We'll probably be based out of the museum of natural history, so we have exhibits and prepared specimens. But specimens are so dry and fragile. And talking at kids for an hour is, to be blunt, dumb.

So what works? How do we get the young scientists interested in biology and systematics?

If you have fun exercises, or a story about an event that grabbed you, leave it in the comments, or email me.

The Soldiering Life” by The Decemberists from the album Her Majesty (2003, 3:48).