Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hearings conclude - Education - Kansas Evolution Hearings Wrap Up:
During a two-hour attack on language proposed by intelligent design advocates and the advocates themselves, Irigonegaray lectured presiding members, telling them they are damaging science education and the state's reputation.

"You have a responsibility to the children and the future of this state that you have sadly -- sadly -- failed," Irigonegaray told them.

Irigonegaray represents a proposal to update current standards but keep their evolution-friendly tone, treating it as a key subject for students to learn. A rival proposal, backed by intelligent design advocates, would expose students to more criticism of evolution.

After his remarks, Irigonegaray refused to take questions, either from board members or John Calvert, a retired Lake Quivira attorney who organized the case for intelligent design advocates. Abrams said he was disheartened, and Calvert demanded and received more time to rebut Irigonegaray.

Irigonegaray told Abrams: "You do whatever you wish."

"The judge will be the people of the state and these media," he said speaking of the reporters attending the hearings.

And like that, it's over.