Saturday, May 14, 2005

It never ends

I won't make this a regular feature, but I did get another piece of Magruder mail. It doesn't say anything interesting, except that he can't get no respect. In particular, he's promoting the negative responses he got:

In addition to the letter I received from Mr. Willard, I had three brillant responses from K.U. :

1." Stop sending me your ignorant and bigoted emails full of  absurd religious fanaticism. "
(Mention ID at K.U. and it instantly becomes "religious fanaticism." You have to be carefully taught to do this.

2. "Take me off your list. You are an idiot. !!!

and a real prize -

3. from Joshua Rosenau, a graduate student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the Uiversity of Kansas.

"A source passed on  this e-mail exchange. Note the support that Ken Willard , Board of Ed. member gives to this pile of nonsense ...  the cheapest sort of creationist  quote-mining, combined with the sorts of petty misunderstandings that anyone should be able to see through. As for Willard's hope that  his nonsense would be published in its entirety that  is absurd. It would run several pages."

That would be a strain , apparently, on Mr. Rosenau.

It's worth noting that I actually did run the whole damn thing. Not a mistake I'll repeat.

Why would you publicly tout the people who call your writing "ignorant," "bigoted," "full of absurd religious fanaticism," "nonsense," "cheap," "creationist quotemining," "petty," and the author "an idiot"?

And would you send a whole bunch of other quotemines after that?