Thursday, May 26, 2005

A lumpy fruit that doesn't exist

Update: A new version is up.

Murky Thoughts remixes Strange fruit:

Kansas schools bear strange fruit
Psalms in science, Darwin yanked from the root
Genesis lessons in biology
Strange fruit coming from democracy

Enlightened scene of the modern West
The stickered books and the scripture test
Bust of Ben Franklin keen and free
And the sudden sense of Khomeini

Here is fruit for preachers to pluck
For pundits to gather, for zealots to suck
For TV to rot, for high school to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop

And of course, the original.

One of the most haunting songs ever written

Blood on the leaves and blood on the root
Black bodies swinging from the poplar trees.

This would be hyperbole if the anti-science trends didn't so directly threaten the safety and lives of so many children. It isn't about evolution alone, it's about sex ed, it's about avoiding dangerous alternative medicines. It's about living the life of a thinking person.

Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday from the album Ken Burns Jazz: Billie Holiday (1939, 3:17).