Tuesday, May 24, 2005

An oath

According to the Journal World, a Battle over sex education may be looming:
The political war between moderates and conservatives on the state Board of Education over evolution may have just been a tune-up for the next battle — sex education.

The board was supposed to have considered draft standards for physical education and health, which covers sex education, at its May 11 meeting.

But the item was rescheduled because a number of board members wanted to attend arguments that day before the Kansas Supreme Court over the new school finance law.

The issue will reappear at the June 14 meeting of the state Board of Education.

“They are next in line,” board member Carol Rupe, of Wichita, said of sex education standards used by Kansas public schools.

Rupe, considered a moderate on the board, said the conservatives, who hold a 6-4 majority on the board, next want to propose changes to the draft standards that pertain to health education.

The draft standards for high school students say that students must know “the importance and benefits of abstinence behavior and risk-reducing strategies in the areas of substance use and sexuality.”

The battle line, Rupe said, is between those like herself who believe sex education should be “abstinence-based” and those who want it to be “abstinence-only”

I swear to high heaven that I will personally raise money to send direct mail out against anyone who votes to teach abstinence only sex ed.
_____________ used his/her position on the Board to encourage teenagers to have abortions. The standards he/she set would encourage children to have anal and oral sex, to pass on diseases like AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea, and when they get pregnant, to have late term abortions.

(Fill in the blank with Steve Abrams/Kathy Martin/Connie Morris/Ken Willard/John Bacon/Iris Van Meter)

Abstinence-only classes don't work. That's amply demonstrated, the American Psychological Association agrees. Just say "No" is less effective than other strategies, too. Kids who take virginity pledges are 4 times more likely to have anal sex than non-pledgers, and rarely use condoms, placing them at high risk of disease transmission. They are 6 times more likely to have oral sex, and almost never use condoms or dental dams.

Anyone who votes to teach abstinence-only is voting for anal sex, disease transmission, teen pregnancy, and in the end, late term abortions.

Why late term? Because the kids haven't been taught enough to realize they're pregnant, and they can't plan for the pregnancy and any complications caused by their STDs.

Anyone who favors late-term abortions for teenagers should feel free to vote for abstinence only. Anyone else better think twice.

I swear to God I'll do it. And no one's career survives that bomb.