Thursday, May 12, 2005

Oh my

Atrios points to a local story: Racism alleged against landlord:
They say it was racial discrimination. She says it was the Lord telling her not to rent to fornicators.

Closing arguments are expected this morning in a civil-rights trial involving a Lawrence couple, Adrianne Morales and Wayne Jackson, who say they were turned down for an apartment in 2002 because she's Hispanic and he's black. But the apartment manager, Lynne Sander, says she rejected them because God recently had told her she shouldn't rent to unmarried couples.

"I am following God's law," Sander told jurors on Wednesday. "I did not discriminate against them. For my morals and my integrity, I did what was in my heart." …

[Director of Lawrence's Human Relations and Human Resources department Rehelio] Samuel testified it was legal to not rent to unmarried couples, as long as it's done consistently.

But Bruce Plenk, a private attorney hired by the city, pointed out that Sander allowed other unmarried white couples to stay in the apartments, and one unmarried white couple was allowed to rent after Morales and Jackson were turned down.

Sander said the reason she didn't speak to Jackson during the visit was that she was having a religious experience.

"I was so much in prayer I just couldn't answer them," she said.

She said that at the time she was so concerned about renting to unmarried couples that she would drive around the complex again and again, pretending it was the biblical city of Jericho -- and believing that the walls might figuratively come tumbling down.

"I earnestly believed that God would help me and just send me the people that he wanted," she said.

Witnesses on Wednesday included Sander's pastor, Leo Barbee of Victory Bible Church. Barbee, who is black, said he'd never seen Sander act in a racist manner. He said he believed she made the right choice.

"To live together, whether we want to admit it or not, is wrong," he said. "It's fornication."

This is the problem with relativism. She thinks that her personal morals are all that guide her, so she doesn't have to accept the law. And her minister, never having read Luke 20:25, figured that he and his parishioners can be as exclusionary as they choose.

What morons. We don't need intelligent design in schools, we need intelligent landlords. (And not landLords.)