Monday, May 16, 2005

The Pennsylvania Battle

I don't follow every evolution controversy with the care I should. The nonsense in Dover is proceeding apace.

Luckily, there is a slate of candidates organized to replace the creationist majority on the Dover school board. Local races like this are won and lost on a shoestring, so if you can kick in a couple dollars for Dover CARES, or volunteer some time or resources for them, you probably should.

It's worth noting that creationism is not the only thing at issue. The Dover CARES website points out that there's been a lot of money being wasted on all sorts of issues, including legal fees. They built a high school for too much money, they've hired a Philadelphia lawyer to negotiate with their teachers, and they're wasting the students time with retarded disclaimers and lessons on ID.

A couple dollars will buy a few extra yard signs, maybe some print ads, or some better fliers. If you can spare more money, I'm sure they could use it.

TfK will have some other suggestions on how to spend your spare cash in days to come.

Philadelphia Lawyer” by Willie Nelson on the album Folkways - A Vision Shared (3:02, 1988).