Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A response to Magruder

Richard G. Buchanan, Ph.D. says in the comments:
I am a Diplomate Industrial Psychologist with a concentration in Psychometrics, a specialty concerned with the measurement of mental attributes. With the exception of Experimental Psychology (and its related specialties) there are no areas in Psychology that is more scientifically rigorous. Most people's impression of Psychology is that it is soley Clinical Psychology--concerned with diagnosing and treating those with personality disorders. I can assure you that doing psychometric research requires strict conformance with the scientific method--reporting the precision of the measurement of the variables we study, constructing experiments in accordance with hypotheses we have formulated, statistical analyses of the results of our studies, and reporting the results in accordance with accepted principles. We don't need some amatuer dabblers in our field to tell us to rethink our approach the learning how mental processes work.

While it's worth noting that Magruder claims to be a retired Psych professor, I agree that IDolators tend not to be operating in their field of expertise. I tried Google Scholar, bout couldn't find any published research by Magruder. He also seems to refer to himself as a student, though that may be a typo.

Dr. Buchanan, welcome to the club of people whose discipline is under attack by anti-science activists.