Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Search Continues

I found a site that claims to geographically list different blogs (though some links are wrong). So I'm lookin' for good progressives from western Kansas. Hoo mamma are there some crappy blogs.

Kids: What's up with the :colons:? And the ::double colons::? Is that like emoticons? Or like "like"? Am I ::that old::?

Knitters: Does anyone care? Update: (On consideration: yes, people do. And I suppose the intarweb is the right place for these colorful, textured and tactile objects. Why not?)

Kids: No one cares about the crushes of your friends, or who did or didn't speak to one another after months.

Conservatives: Little Green Footballs is not a credible news source. That sort of news stopped being relevant in 1945.

Bloggers: If your last 5 posts are each stretched 3 months apart, and each simply apologizes for not updating more often, forget it. No one cares.

Western Kansas: Get blogging!