Friday, May 27, 2005

Simple technique

Crooks and Liars suggested this contract to Jesus's General:

Stem Cell Research Living Will

I hereby certify that neither I, nor any member of my family, including but not limited to: children, grandchildren, cats, dogs, etc. and any "after acquired" family will never, ever, under any circumstances (even with my fingers crossed) take or ingest any form of drug treatment or medical breakthroughs that are in any way associated with or connected to Stem Cell research. I am morally opposed to this type of medical malfeasance that our lord and Savior and Dr. Dobson most assuredly rebuke. I declare that I am of sound mind and body (as so it is hence with respect to the aforementioned family members) as we execute this irrevocable document and thusly said, this document shall not be challenged in a court of law. This is so despite the fact that I or said parties, would either now or in the future, be the beneficial recipient of such a repugnant life enhancing treatment . Only the Devil's greatest tool, i.e. "temptation" could lead us into sinful thoughts of partaking of this reprehensible policy.


Rest of Family


Notary Public


Don't like embryonic stem cell research, don't use it. But don't take the rest of us down with you.

Also, Mike the Mad Biologist makes the excellent point that people should be talking to the scientists about the morality of stem cell research. After all, these are the people closest to the work, and they've made a conscious decision to pursue that research, presumably after evaluating the moral consequences of the work.

Maybe we should find out what they think before we start interviewing every radical cleric (Dobson, Robertson, etc.).