Friday, May 06, 2005

Slipping through the cracks

afarensis catches the story that Some Kan. Board Members Skipped Readings (of the science standards committee's recommendations):
As a State Board of Education subcommittee heard more testimony Friday on how evolution should be taught in Kansas classrooms, one member acknowledged that she hadn't read all of an evolution-friendly draft of science standards proposed by educators.

Kathy Martin of Clay Center made the comment while attempting to reassure a witness who said he hadn't read the entire proposal, just parts of it. Russell Carlson, a biochemistry and molecular biology professor at the University of Georgia, said he had reviewed an alternate proposal from intelligent design advocates.

"I've not read it word for word myself," Martin said of the other proposal, eliciting groans of disbelief from a few members of the audience.

This is her damn job. What the hell is she doing?

Turns out my cheesy Photoshop® job is more accurate than I thought.

See no evolution, hear no evolution, speak no evolution

Among Ms. Martin's greatest hits:

Martin said, "Evolution has been proven false. ID is science-based and strong in facts."

While Martin was unable to provide examples of scientific facts that back up Intelligent Design Theory, she did explain that ID believes in "microevolution," but not "macroevolution."

From the same article:

Of course this is a Christian agenda. We are a Christian Nation," said Martin. "Our country is made up of Christian conservatives.

In an email to me, responding to the scandal over the Board's secret meeting with Phill Kline:

This does not constitute a scandle [sic] as I see it. Thank you for your imput [sic].

As the Preznit said, "What's not fine is rarely is the question asked, are, is our children learning?"