Saturday, May 07, 2005

Warren Nord

Warren Nord, Theologian from UNC

Wrote stuff with Freedom Forum guy about religion in school curriculum.

Economics needs to teach more religion. Good point, that economics standards only teach rational choice theory, not normative economic theories.

Initiate them into disciplines.

"The structure of education is set up to keep students from being reasonable." He thinks econ standards are bad. Education isn't truly liberal.

Civic justice: don't disenfranchise people for their views.

Religious voices are disenfranchised in America.

Not teaching religious views is not "neutral" sensu Black in Emmerson v. Board of Ed. 1947. NO!!!! MORON!!!!

If I don't teach that Michaelangelo was taught to sculpt, or inspired by, angels, that's not atheistic. If I say that the Sistine Chapel was painted by man, is that religious?

"The purpose of science education should not be to produce scientists." WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should have broader purpose. Should teach critical thinking not just within science, but about science.

Kuhn most important philosopher of science.

Methodological and philosophical naturalism collapse into one another. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORON!!!!!!!!!

Says that the one sentence saying that science isn't metaphysical is just one sentence. One sentence saying science restricts itself to the natural world is vital to the meaning.

Wants schools to teach about fine tuning after the Big Bang. Should critique "technological thinking."

This would be a course in philosophy of science, and a shitty one.

Scientists and (whatever) are Democrats and Republicans.

Not a skirmish on the edge of science, "this is simply the latest incarnation of a battle that goes back to Greek philosophy and the Bible. That's a somewhat broader problem."

He treats science education as prescriptive, rather than descriptive. Anything not taught is bad science.

Must rewrite textbooks too. Need better chapters on science v. religion. The science establishment represses this.

Is female science, or black science, different from religious science, or scientific science?

"Most scientists don't think about education."

Don't define science in science standards. Say it's controversial.

Does ID do anything for us? (Paul Nelson? quote)

Every science has to start somewhere. Why not classrooms?

Wants religion taught in math classes.

Clergy letter project. Long, good religion.

We can assume standards want to teach neo-Darwinism. Why, because it's the dominant view. But that doesn't sway his opinion that opposing views should be given time.

It would make it very difficult for the teacher.