Sunday, May 08, 2005

Welcome Eschatonians!

When you get mentioned by Echidne, guestblogging at Eschaton, you'll get some serious traffic.

Take MSNBC's poll.

And inform yourselves about the issues. This is a traveling show. It's played here before, and its been big in Georgia. Alabama, Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

The big problem is that no on pays attention to school boards. Be sure to vote in the next school board election.

Also, check out Kansas Citizens for Science. They worked hard to keep these hearings from turning into a kangaroo court and a circus at the same time! If you want to help, they're a 501(c)3, so your contribution would be tax exempt.

The story thus far is as follows. In 1999, the creationist majority on the school board removed many references to evolution from the science standards. That worked badly, and they got tossed out of power. This fall, they came back to power. One Board member said, "Of course this is a Christian agenda," as the Board undermined the normal process for writing the standards.

Normally, a committee of 26 scientists and educators would write the standards. The Intelligent Design Network wrote a set of revisions, which were rejected. The Board decided to create a new process, a "trial" with witnesses and lawyers and the most conservative Board members as judges.

I've commented more on the dangers of mixing religion and politics before. Bad mojo. Fortunately, the Board and their witnesses were too lazy to read the standards, and made numerous missteps, some with legal consequences, others with potential political consequences.


Here's the account of Saturday's hearings.