Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Advice seeking

So I know this person trying to get something in motion, and I have some questions for more experienced campaigners out there.

How much would it cost to do a direct mail campaign in an election in Kansas that has gotten (say) 100,000 votes cast in previous years?

How many pieces of mail should one send? Obviously it's a waste to hit every voter. Maybe independent women are a reasonable target. How many addresses should this person buy, how many pieces of mail should he or she send?

How much is a reasonable price for addresses?

How much is a reasonable price for printing? Assume my friend hasn't made any friends with an offset printing rig. How much would be fair if he or she made such a friend?

What about graphic design? Is it worth paying someone to give it some gloss, or will my friend do just as well tossing together some graphics in a photo-editing program?

What costs am I forgetting?
  • addresses
  • postage
  • printing
  • design
Assuming the postcards only make statements based on the published literature, does my friend need to worry about any legal problems?

If the postcards don't say "Vote for So-and-so," does my friend have to sweat campaign finance laws? Say the postcards just educate the public about a particular policy, and mention that the incumbent voted a certain way.

Obviously, any advice offered in the comments will not and should not be considered legal advice.

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