Wednesday, June 01, 2005

All about the science

Billy D. types as he dreams:
The Center for Inquiry, a leading skeptic society, is putting together a “dream cruise” December 10-17, 2005. Imagine with me putting a dozen extremely bright, ID-enthusiastic, street-witnessing Jesus-freak undergrads on this boat and letting them pass out tracts, ask tough questions during lectures, and engage in assorted mayhem. Ah, if I only had millions…. I guess I’ll just have to go by myself.

Yeah, him and his "Jesus-freak" friends are just in it to find out the scientific truth. Nothing more than that.

That's why skeptics are the enemy now. It used to just be "Darwinians" and "evilutionists" and "theistic evolutionists" and Baylor University. But the Amazing Randi is ready to take ID on, so the Big D can add another line to the enemies list.

I'm beginning to wonder if Uncommon Descent is a parody site. Could Dembski really be as self-important, contradictory, crazy, silly, ill-educated, thick-headed, and rude, rude, rude, as the author of that blog?