Monday, June 27, 2005

As always

Process punted |
Shortly after Andy Tompkins announced his departure from [Commissioner of Education], board members agreed to appoint a committee to review applications for his successor. Rather than try to reach consensus on a committee roster that represented talents and experience important to the job at hand, each board member simply appointed one committee member without regard for the overall makeup of the body.

Now it appears that the state board has decided not to trust the judgment of its screening committee and, instead, bring in other candidates on their own. The committee reviewed 12 applicants and forwarded four names to the board. However, a board member has confirmed that one or more candidates interviewed by the board were not among those recommended by the screening committee.

So, not satisfied to handpick members of the screening committee, board members now apparently have decided to sidestep what little process they had set up for the selection of a new commissioner in favor of handpicking candidates they’d like to interview even though they didn’t pass muster with the screening committee.

“There’s really no rules to any of this,” board member Sue Gamble told the Journal-World.

This Board can never follow its own rules. On evolution, they started with a committee of experts who wrote standards they didn't like, so they created a new committee, ad hoc. First the committee was supposed to hold hearings, then it was a trial, then it wasn't a trial. They kept changing the rules until it was too late to do anything.

Who knows what sort of freakshow they are looking at hiring.

Here's what our old friend Connie Morris said about the process:

After the retirement of the Commissioner of Education, the board is now faced with hiring a replacement. With slick talk and sly skill, bureaucracy has been a handy tool for impeding the progress of the newly elected conservative board. Our commissioner must be willing to work harmoniously with the board, striving to further the decisions made by the people sent to represent their friends, family and neighbors known as constituents. Please pray with us as we review applications and conduct interviews. The new commissioner has a mighty task before him/her and will need to jump in running.
I asked Andy Tompkins if he wanted to comment on that paragraph, and he politely declined.