Friday, June 10, 2005


Avid TfK readers will have noticed that recent blogging has been a bit spotty, not the usual rapid-fire reporting and deep analysis you've come to expect from this fine establishment.

I've been out of town, visiting Ms. TfK, but now I've returned. Turns out my mail disappeared, but I think the Post Office may have just decided to hang onto it. I know I've promised some things to some people, so if I've stiffed you, maybe you should email me to remind me.

NetNewsWire has a bajillion new messages, and Mail seems to have lost track of which Gmail messages I've already read. It's going to be a fun weekend.

Anyone want a Gmail invite? Leave a comment.

Also, anyone want to fill me in on local news I might have missed? I see RSR is keeping us up to date on the Board of Ed's silliness, and I'll be looking at the standards they released and making my comments ASAP.

I've also got a comment on the Ohio Coin scandal bubbling.