Saturday, June 11, 2005

Book meme


Someone hit me with the book meme.

Number of books I own?

Too many. Booxter says I have 120 books at home and 129 in my office. I probably have at least 500 – probably an even thousand – languishing at my parents' house, waiting for me to live somewhere with space to store them.

Last book I bought?

The very last book I bought was 100 Great Curries. I also bought The Cook's Encyclopedia of One-Pot & Clay-pot Cooking.

Last book I read (for the first time)?

I'm almost done with Shake Hands with the Devil : The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda by Roméo Dallaire. Chilling.

Five books that have influenced me a lot?

Only five? I'll break this down into book clusters, similar books with influences difficult to separate.

The Trumpet of the Swan got me started on the trumpet, but since I've dropped that instrument, maybe it wasn't so influential. I do still listen to Miles and Louis, so maybe it balances out.

No one in ecology can help having been changed by Geographical Ecology by Robert H. MacArthur or Macroecology by James H. Brown. Both lay out a major new direction and offer new insights and opportunities for scientists. Both really carved out a vision for where the science could go, and what we should be doing. I'm almost thinking of Hubbell's The Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity and Biogeography, but it doesn't quite make the cut.

Species Diversity in Space and Time by Michael L. Rosenzweig is another major work, but not really inspiring.
I'd probably have to pick something by Ed Abbey, though I can't decide what. Desert Solitaire? One of the books of essays? Probably not the novels.

And to round it out, let's say Purgatorio. I disliked Paradiso, and Inferno wasn't as inspiring, though it was very excellent.

Five bloggers to inflict this on?

Who hasn't done it? I want to answers from Kevin Nyberg (in the comments), Pat Hayes, Jason Miller, Mike the Mad Biologist (as soon as he finishes unpacking all those books), and Ed Brayton.