Thursday, June 23, 2005

Burning non-flags

The thing is, some people are smart, and some are dumb. Some use their smarts to take advantage of dumb people, and some use them to make fun of the ones taking advantage of the dumb.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this isn't an American flag:


Neither are any of the other burnable designs that John posted in his experiments with Cracking the Flag-Burning Amendment.

Like all sensible people, I think flag burning is petty and childish, and I think John's final point is exactly right, I'll give him the last word.
"Protecting" the flag with a Constitutional Amendment won't solve the not-at-all pressing problem of people burning flags for political protest. They'll still do it. They'll simply do it in ways that will now additionally mock the stupidity of those who love the symbol of American freedoms more than they love actual American freedoms. And no matter how expansively Congress defines "the American Flag" there will always be something that is not the flag, but is close enough in its shape and structure to feel just like the flag. And there will be the people who will use that not-quite-flag-like object to protest.