Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Comment policy

The moderator in the KCFS forums rightly banned a user there, and in response he and his little crew of hellions decided to make a mess in the comments here.

I banned the two major offenders. A third person of questionable nature asked:

So are you going to ban everyone who expresses opposition?

Spoken like a true liberal!

I banned two people who I know to be jerks. I went several rounds with John Davison and other opposition in the comments. That's what they are there for. They aren't for petty thuggery, wild accusations, or attacks. I'll ban abusive users, edit offensive comments, and do whatever else I have to in order to maintain a civil discussion.

That's how liberalism works. Everyone comes to the table with their best argument, and you have it out. Everyone learns, and maybe someone changes his or her mind. There needs to be a fair moderator or referee to keep things from spiraling out of control.

As the blogger and site operator, I'm entitled to push my opinion in posts and comments. As moderator, my job is not to police opinions, but behavior. Baseless accusations of libel, allegations of a massive "Darwinist" conspiracy, etc. are not productive, and people who can't contribute more than that don't need to leave comments here.

Is any of this censorship? No. If the jerks want to get their ideas out there, Blogspot will host a blog where they can make these same bogus claims. I can choose to read it or not. I can choose to respond or not. But I'm not obliged to play host to their antics.

Their right to swing their fists ends at my nose.