Thursday, June 30, 2005


Little exits Kansas commission race:
Sharol Little, one of the top two candidates for the post of Kansas education commissioner, on Wednesday withdrew her name from consideration.

Little, retiring superintendent of the Manhattan-Ogden School District, said she had called Steve Abrams, the chairman of the Kansas Board of Education, and told him her decision.

Abrams told her that the board had just met for an hour in executive session but had made no decision on a candidate. She said she told him that she had decided to accept a job in Colorado.

“I told him I had put them off three times and I wasn’t going to wait any longer,” Little said.

Little, 57, said she expected to begin work as a school superintendent in Colorado on Aug. 1. She declined to identify the district.
My sources tell me that many moderate members were concerned about the ties between Dr. Little and the Westview Community Church, and a source close to the process informs me that Ken Willard was not ready to vote, that is, was unwilling to endorse either candidate. I'm hoping to get confirmation on that, so treat it as a rumor.