Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Connie Morris wastes your money

Morris’ expenses raise eyebrows |
State Board of Education member Connie Morris attended a conference in April in Miami Beach, Fla., billing taxpayers $339 per night for her hotel, state records show.

Morris stayed six nights at the Fountainebleau Hilton Resort to attend a conference on magnet schools.

According to her travel voucher, the hotel cost $339 per night, $150 was spent on meals, and two taxi rides cost $147.

Morris, a conservative Republican from St. Francis, defended her expenses on Tuesday, saying that the Magnet Schools of America conference was being held in the Fountainebleau.

She said she couldn’t get the less expensive conference rate for the meeting. And she didn’t want to stay at a nearby hotel.

“I wanted to be within walking distance of the conference,” she said.

Kansas Democratic Party Executive Director Mark Simpson said: “There are families throughout Kansas who spend less on rent in a month than what she spent in a single night. So much for fiscal conservatism.”

My rent is within $10/month of what she spent for one night, for the convenience of being able to walk. She could have saved us money by renting a car. And if she was so worried about being able to walk, how did she manage to spend so much on taxi rides?

Recall her now!