Monday, June 20, 2005

Contact Connie Morris

In the last few days, Connie Morris has shown herself to be slothful and bullying with a poor command of the English language. Her email addresses are, and you can reach her at:

Connie Morris
Rt. 1 Box 436
St. Francis, KS 67756-9764

Ask her to uphold her claims to fiscally conservative policies by paying back the State of Kansas for the difference between her hotel room's cost and what it would have cost had she made her reservation on time, or were willing to walk two blocks.

Ask her to apologize to you and to your representatives on the Board of Ed. By insulting them she insults the voters who sent them to represent them. She's insulting you. She's insulting democracy.

She's insulting the intelligence of all the state by pushing nonsense criticism of evolution. She insults us by using our money to push her own petty vendetta.

You should write her a letter.