Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Crazy geniuses

My Octopi
BoingBoing talks about Professor Television's Photo Theremin:
For about $79, Professor Television will send you a handmade photo theremin so you can create your own rock operas about a guy who is tired of his mom making him grilled cheese every night. You should also check out the good Professor's anti-Darwinian rant/song which encourages the world "not to make a monkey out of [him]." Electronics and evolutionary science are obviously two different and completely incompatible disciplines.
Theremins originally were a pair of antennas that, as you moved objects around them, detected changes in the RF interference, and produced the spooky noise often used in horror movies to indicate that a ghost is about to kill the guy without enough spoken lines.

Anyway, this thing does the same, but with light.

And yes, Don't Make a Monkey Out of Me is a classic example of crappy creationist thinking all wrapped up around the worst imitation of the '80s I've heard in a good long time.

The illustration here is from a shirt you should buy me. I wear a large.

Creatures Of Love” by Talking Heads from the album Little Creatures (1985, 4:15).