Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Get ready for nepotism

A source passed this information on to me:

The State Board of Education will go into executive session today to choose the new Commissioner of Education, replacing Andy Tompkins.

The choice is now between Dr. Sharol Little and Dr. Alexa Posny, current Assistant Commissioner.

Based on feedback from the districts where Dr. Little had previously worked, it was deemed that she was unfit for the postion of Commissioner by the Review Board, and her name was not forwarded to the Board of Ed.

Dr. Little's candidacy has been promoted by some conservative members of the Board. According to sources, it was her affiliation with Westview Community Church (a fundamentalist mega-church in Manhattan) which has gained support for her nomination from the conservative members of the Board, not her record.
This is what the story two days ago was referring to.

You should complain (RIGHT NOW!) to your Board member.

Update: the Star misses the backstory but offers a touch of biography.