Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers' Day

My mom took my dad up to the Clearwater Festival today. It's a folk music festival organized to support a cleaner Hudson River.

Pete Seeger and a few of his friends got together, built a sailboat, and have spent the last couple decades sailing up and down, talking to people, and encouraging them to care about their river. As people remembered that the river was fun, that they could sail, fish, swim, and canoe in the river if it weren't full of PCBs, there was more and more pressure to get the river clean.

Today, you can eat fish from the Hudson. Communities are treating their wastewater before they dump it into the river. GE is cleaning up their old industrial sites. People are boating up and down the river. Things aren't perfect, but they're better than they were.

That's the power of people. And that's one lesson my parents taught me. Thanks, Dad!

I sent him a Weber Chimney Starter for the new grill. The old grill got crushed by a tree branch.

Sailing Down My Golden River” by Pete Seeger from the album Pete (1996, 3:14).