Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Misspeaking Sam

Via, Right Wing News has An Interview With Senator Sam Brownback.

On Iraq:

In a year it’s my hope that we will have turned over a lot of the patrolling and security operations on a localized basis to the Iraqis, that our troops will be garrisoned and we will start to pull our troop levels down in Iraq.
(He probably said the same thing a year ago.)

On the compromise deal:
At this point in time, if they filibuster anybody then we move right back into the same mode to move this to a 51 vote margin.
On science:
John Hawkins: If someone came up to you and said, “Sam Brownback, pick any three pieces of legislation you want, anything you want, to get them passed,["] what would they be?

Sam Brownback: My first would be on the life issue. We’d be getting legislation to protect young human life in the womb and from being researched on.
Not quite getting it, huh? The compromise means that the nuclear option can't be invoked for must any filibuster.

And people want that research. Around 3% of parents designate their unused embryos for scientific research, about the same number as put them up for "adoption." The rest hold the embryos for future use.