Saturday, June 11, 2005

Most objectionable

Billy D. quotes Paul Johnson in Forbes:
Of all the fundamentalist groups at large in the world today, the Darwinians seem to me the most objectionable.

Apparently this is unobjectionable. Moron.

Seriously, Christian and Muslim extremism are deeply destructive forces in the world. That's what they do. Look at Bamiyan, the tip of Manhattan, or Oklahoma City. The continued violence in Israel is driven in large part by the extremism of the Palestinians, the Israeli survival instinct, and pressure from Jewish extremists to expand Israel.

And yet a theory which has created cures for diseases and alleviated suffering, and never harmed anyone is "most objectionable.

Billy D. and Paulie J. are both intellectually bankrupt. Whether Forbes is as well is a question for another day.