Thursday, June 30, 2005

New feature, 'Round The Table

We've all had those fun evenings when guests come over, conversation flows, and we learn a little something about a part of the world we never knew about.

Starting today, TfK will host a conversation from across Kansas, and maybe beyond. Today, two guests will be sharing their perspectives with us all.

I'll post the two essays a little bit apart, to give people time to read both.

This week, we're joined by Kevin Nyberg, a regular commenter here and on the KCFS forums, and a high school teacher from Garden City. He has taught Latin and Greek at Garden City High School for 23 years (MA, UGA '95), and is an amateur astronomer with 35 years' experience.

Our other guest today is Avian, a regular commenter here and on other forums. He hails from Wichita where he is an astronomy educator and the author of Stars over Kansas.

I'm sure we'll learn more about both of them as this experiment unfolds.

Others are free to participate in this discussion. Just send me a warning email by Tuesday, and the final product by Wednesday evening, and I'll set a place for you.

What I hope this can grow into is an ongoing discussion and exchange not just of views, but of perspectives. If you go to the county fair or a rodeo, I'd like to hear about it. What are people saying at the coffeeshops or garages around town? What are the dinner table issues in your neck of the woods? What's on the front page of the local paper? What's worrying people that I might not know about?

For now, all guest posts will be tagged in the title with "RTT:" ('Round The Table), and a clear identification of the author.

The opinions in the posts are not mine, and I will not edit them except to avoid defamation or with the author's permission. That protects me, it protects the authors, and it protects the readers.